Treatment process of galvanized steel pipe

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Treatment process of galvanized steel pipe 

  The main form of degreasing of galvanized steel pipe is to use chemical degreasing and electrochemical degreasing in alkaline environment; if need to increase degreasing effect, add activator and emulsifier, according to the grease condition of galvanized steel Increase or decrease the degreasing time appropriately as well as the temperature and the concentration of the lye at the time.

  After the galvanized steel pipe is oiled, it must be thoroughly washed to avoid the lye or oil from entering the rust removal solution. For smaller galvanized steel strips, chemical rust removal is generally used.

  If galvanized steel pipe is to be divided into the “cake” of market segments, brand awareness should be enhanced, brand building investment should be increased, and the tensile force of the galvanized steel steel brand should be improved. Galvanized steel pipe makes the brand attractive to consumers. Products retain consumers so that they can truly successfully break through in the white-hot market.

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